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2000s R&B Singer Nivea Challenges Teairra Mari To A Verzuz Battle, Says It Would Be Friendly

Verzuz battles have been a great source of entertainment during the pandemic and is proving that it still remains up there with the fans. With outside opening up now, the latest episodes have featured live audiences and more interaction outside of social media. A lot more artists have been sharing their interest in wanting to be featured in a potential upcoming battle. R&B singer Nivea feels like she is ready to receive the call to hop on the Verzuz stage, and already knows the contender she’d like to face.

For many, the “Complicated” singer’s journey began when she appeared on the hook for Mystikal’s 2000 hit single “Danger”. From there, Nivea secured a major label deal with Jive Records and soon after she would produce a few hit singles and two albums for them.

Thanks to BET’s digital program “Finding Nivea” fans who had been asking for the singer (because just like her feature on the Mystikal collaboration, it definitely has “Been so long”) had their questions answered. “I started singing and trying to get a deal at 14,” she said of the early days in her journey. “From 14 to 18, I was hopping from place to place to get on any hook I could. I finally put together a demo with like 36 songs from all the hooks I did and we took it to New York.”

Soon she would find some success both on the charts and with album sales. However, it did not last as long as many of her counterparts, as her second album did not fare as well on the charts as her debut. According to Nivea’s interview with Madamenoire in 2014, the singer was told by her label that she was considered “unf**kable” to male fans and producers because she was getting “wifed up” by The Dream. Soon, she says, they put all of their attention on Ciara, who was also signed to Jive Records, and she would ask for a release from the label, which they granted.

It’s been years since she’s released music, or has been in the spotlight for that matter. Thanks to being cast on BET’s latest reality show “The Encore”, she’s back in the sight of fans and critics who are calling her the “fan favorite.” She recently spoke to Madamenoire on her decision for accepting the opportunity and moving forward with it.

“Number one, honey, when opportunity knocks…and I’m in a different space now,” the singer explained. “It does to pertain to my children but it pertains to me as well. Years ago, I wasn’t really prepared. I dealt with a lot of up and down and inspiration moments where I didn’t know what I wanted to do, if anything at damn all. My daughter is 16 now. My twin boys are 15 and my youngest is almost 12. So I have a lot more freedom than I used to allow myself when they were younger. All of that plays a part in it, definitely.

This platform is not the only one that she would like to grace with music, as the singer would love an opportunity to be on Verzuz. Nivea participated in an Instagram live session with Stationhead’s Zofilthy where she revealed in a “this or that” segment of their conversation that she feels a worthy opponent would be Teairra Mari.

However, Nivea shared that she will not do it if it is contentious, rather, she would like to be “friendly.” Nivea admits that the Love and Hip Hop star is “beautiful” and has “persevered like a mug.”

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