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Actor Idris Elba Is Calling For Facebook and Instagram To Start Requiring Identification For Users To Sign Up

Idris Elba has a simple solution for social media trolls. The Suicide Squad star opened up recently about his solution to the problem of internet trolls via a post to his social media. Elba has always been very vocal about social issues, with this one being a hot topic for many. Just how can we cut down on the amount of people able to just create accounts whenever they want to harass people. Well according to Elba, we should just verify everyone.

On the topic of respect, its something few people get these days, especially those in the spotlight. Elba is familiar, as he was subject to some insensitive internet interactions after a Wendy Williams segment went viral. Williams covered a story about R&B singer K. Michelle who allegedly dated Elba in the past. In the clip, Michelle can be seen dancing and twerking when suddenly her rear end appears to pop, or deflate.

Williams quickly tried to come up with her own explanation of what was happening, alluding to Michelle having surgery and her body rejecting the work. She goes as far as to assume that the chemicals injected in Michelle may be leaking from different places, and maybe she’d left some on Elba’s sheets while they dated. The disgusting clip quickly became a trending topic on social media. People chimed in with some really mean comments, mostly aimed at Michelle and Williams.

To combat this kind of online bullying, Elba thinks the solution will be to verify all accounts. Most celebrities have to prove their identity to be verified on social media. Elba compares the millions of people unverified online to “boarding a plane and not having to show I.D”. He feels that by verifying everyone, more people will be held accountable or simply not be mean since their socials are linked to their identity. See his full statement below.

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