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Viral Inaugural Poet, Amanda Gorman Announces She Planning President Bid For 2036

Amanda Gorman recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal about her plans for presidential bid and how she’s using art, fashion and poetry as a form of politics.

The world became familiar with Amanda Gorman at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. There as a guest of President Joe Biden’s, Gorman recited her poem “The Hills We Climb” for the world, instantly becoming a global fixture in the process.

The Harvard graduate has been preparing for moments like these for a long time, but its only recently that she’s begun to understand that the way she once saw her plans does not necessarily mean the same to her now as it used to. We first learned about her presidential bid plans back in 2018.

Amanda Gorman reveals that she felt she would take her time and focus on poetry for awhile before shifting to politics to prepare for presidential bid. It has been through conversations with women like Hilary Clinton, who’s presidential bid came up short in 2016, that she has discovered that she does not have to choose between mediums, and that she wields the most power and potential when operating unapologetically as herself. “I don’t have to change who I am to be a leader” she told the publication.

Amanda Gorman is also a model, currently signed to IMG. She expresses her desire to use her modeling as a form of politics, recalling how significant a role fashion has played in movements over the years. “The Black Panthers wear tilted berets, African-Americans show up in their Sunday best while marching during the civil rights movement. What it’s meant to wear rainbow colors in terms of queerness.”

She reveals that it is often poets and writers who help shape the rhetoric for the future, and plans to move forward with her plans for a presidential bid in 2036 by operating in all her mediums for as long as she can. “It’s often language makers who create a movement. They create a new type of dialect in which people can communicate.”

Would you support Amanda Gorman’s presidential bid?

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