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Cardi B Headed To Court To Sue Woman Claiming Rapper Has Herpes and Using While Pregnant

Cardi B is gearing up to go to court. The “Up” hitmaker is taking on popular blogger Tasha K for rumors she’s spread about the rapper through her popular youtube channel. While Cardi B is no stranger to people embellishing things for headlines, Tasha K made some particularly harsh claims that Cardi and her team could not ignore. Including claims that she was a prostitute or has herpes.

Cardi B just recently dropped a duet with Lizzo titled “Rumors”. On the track she “addresses” rumors saying “All the rumors are true, yeah. Fake a**, fake b**bs, yeah. Made a million at Sue’s, yeah”. The lyric about Sue’s is a references to Sue’s Rendezvous, a popular strip club that Cardi B used to frequent.

In the time since her stint at Sue’s, the Bronx native has gone on to become one of the biggest stars in the world. In addition to a handful of hit records and accolades she’s also been enjoying a fruitful private life. She is married to Migos front man Offset. The pair just welcomed their second child together on September 4th.

Cardi B broke the news to fans on Instagram with a post of her, Offset and their newest addition. The pair posed from their hospital bed cover in a Louis Vutton sheet hugging their new baby. Offset and Cardi also have a 3 year old named Kulture Kiari Cephus.

While the new baby is sure to bring a lot of joy to the family, it’ll be short lived as Cardi B is scheduled to appear in court on September 13th to face blogger Tasha K. This is stemming from a post in 2019 when Tasha told her followers that Cardi B used to prostitute and has herpes.

Tasha K attempted to countersue for millions, claiming that Cardi B’s team had made threats against her life. The judge dismissed these reports after Tasha K failed to provide evidence.

Cardi is looking to settle without going to court. However, Tasha K and her team have presented evidence to confirm that Cardi B has confessed to being a prostitute and abusing drugs before. Her team reports “For example, in a video produced in opposition, it appears that Plaintiff is discussing engaging in sexual acts for money. In that same video, Plaintiff discusses her use of drugs and about having to “pop pills” sometimes when necessary.”

They will stand in front of the judge on 9/13 to sort this all out.

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