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Fans React After Ice-T’s Wife, Coco Reveal Image Of The Couples Daughter, Chanel Who Looks Identical To Her Father

Did you know that rapper and actor Ice-T has a twin? Well, not exactly his “twin”, but his daughter, Chanel, is undeniably his child! Social media was recently graced with some new pictures of Ice-T’s princess, and they have gone viral because the adorable factor is on the highest level. Safe to say that Chanel is the apple of the gangster rapper’s eye and vice versa.

Chanel is the only daughter for Ice-T and his wife, swimsuit model Nicole Austin aka “Coco Austin”. The rapper has two other children from previous relationships. Speaking with Howard Stern back in 2017, he spoke on how their meeting lifted his spirits and opened the door for their romance.

“I was on a movie set and I was grumpy that day and my boys saw her,” the Law And Order actor recalled. “She was on the set working and they said, ‘Well, this will cheer Ice up. Let’s put her over near him just so he’ll have something to do.’ And I’ve been, you know, something to do for [17 or 18] years.”

Adding that he was stunned and “thrown off”, the rapper shared his history with his future wife, asking if could ever see herself “dating a gangsta rapper.” Their love continued to blossom, but the light didn’t go off in his head to make her his wife until he began to watch and “study” Sharon Osborne. It wasn’t until then that he understood the necessity of the right partner in his corner. “I was studying Sharon Osbourne at the time,” he confessed, sharing that thoughts began to circulate like, “Would Ozzy have a house if it wasn’t for Sharon?”

The couple married two months after meeting, and according to Ice-T, they are “inseperable.” Their marriage was sought after by networks to produce a reality show, in which they did called “Ice Loves Coco.” The show lasted for three seasons. In an exclusive to Daily Mail, he spoke on the misconceptions that the public placed on their marriage based on their physical appearances and respective pasts. “People had certain preconceptions of us,” he shared.  ‘They thought I’d be burying bodies in the back garden and Coco would be off stripping at birthday parties. But we’re a normal couple with a normal relationship and people are starting to see that.”

Despite the misconceptions, the couple have been married for over 20 years. With Coco, he feels like he’s found the “perfect partner.” “We address problems quickly,” he said to In Touch Weekly. “She doesn’t say, ‘I’m mad at you from last month.’ How am I supposed to fix something if I didn’t know it was broken? And we compromise. If you want to win every argument and do whatever you want to do, there’s a name for that — it’s called being single!”

Their family expanded on November 28, 2015 when their daughter, Chanel, was born. Moments after she was born, the couple shared a picture of their newborn baby via Coco’s Instagram page. “Thanks so much for all the warm wishes today.I’m doing great! I had the best delivery,” the proud mother shared. “I pushed Chanel out in 3 tries! This was taken not 5 minutes after delivery,called skin to skin contact..better for a more bonding experience”

Chanel is now five-years-old, and budding right before the world’s eyes. Her Instagram pagem “@BabyChanelNicole”, stands at almost a half a million followers to date. Ice-T recently shared a photo of his princess, saying that she’s “growing up on the stage with daddy,” and fans can’t get over the fact that she is a spitting image of her father.

“Your twin getting big bro!!!” exclaimed a fan. Another wrotes in the comments, “Man, she grew up so fast and looks just like you bro.”

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