Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Joseline Hernandez Feels Disrespected After Comedian Luenell Asks People To Leave Cocaine & Molly Alone

Joseline Hernandez comes for comedian Luenell after trying to pay her respects to Michael K. Williams while issuing a warning to drug users. 

With the passing of The Wire‘s Michael K. Williams, a necessary conversation has emerged around drug usage and addiction in Hollywood. The latest to chime in is comedian Lunelle.

During her post paying tribute to Michael K. Williams, Lunelle encouraged fans to have a drug or roll a blunt before touching any more complex drugs. But, she warns, “you might be next.”

Joseline Hernadez took issue with this post and fired back in the comments section of the Neighborhood Talk. Hernandez criticized Lunelle for being overweight, saying that she is “a burger away from a heart attack.”

Lunelle decided to take the high road and respond by plug the various things she has going on, including an upcoming film, a comedy show, and a tour, before allowing her family to roast Joseline Hernandez for her.

Fellow comedian Lil Duval chimed in via Twitter, saying, “If you get offended from someone telling you to stop doing drugs, that’s a sign that you should stop doing drugs.”

Another post from Lunelle’s nephew read, “you slide down poles; my aunt walks red carpets.”

Many of the other comments point out that Lunelle’s post had nothing to do with Joseline Hernandez and that instead of defending drug abuse, Joseline should consider getting off drugs as well. “Too much coke,” said another user.

Do you think Joseline Hernandez had a right to respond to Lunelle?

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