Friday, October 22, 2021

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Kirk Franklin’s Son, Kerrion Franklin Goes Live On Instagram Pleading For Protection After Accusing Mother Of Assault

Kerrion Franklin continues to worry fans as he appears to have a manic episode on Instagram Live while alleging that his mother assaulted him. 

Kerrion Franklin continues to unravel in his latest social media outburst. The son of Kirk Franklin has famously put his family on blast over the years for the alleged treatment and abuse.

At the top of this year, he leaked some phone conversations between him and his famous father where Kirk Franklin can be heard insulting and threatening his son. While Kirk eventually apologized, it seemed the damage was done with many questions about what has gone on in the Franklin home and why young Kerrion seems so disturbed.

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In this latest video, Kerrion appears to be outside a home when the video starts. He makes claims that his mother has assaulted him and that he is on live “for his protection.” His mother can be seen in the background asking her son to stop and stating that he needs help, which he refuses. While he admits that she is attempting to take him to a hospital, it is clear he does not agree nor feel he needs the help. Instead, he asks her to call the police.

While comments typically are on Kerrion’s side, this time around, people have chimed in, stating that it is clear he is having some kind of manic episode and may indeed need help. However, some still feel that this behavior is an obvious sign that something happened to Kerrion and still questions his father.

Do you think Kerrion needs help? Or should Kirk be the one to blame for his son’s state?

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