Monday, November 29, 2021

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Carmelo Anthony’s Mistress Responds To Rumors Of Extorting He & Lala Anthony’s 14-Year-Old Son For Money

Carmelo Anthony’s alleged baby mother took to Instagram to clear the air after Tk Kirkland’s VladTV interview goes viral.

Carmelo Anthony’s extramarital affairs continue to be a topic of discussion as now another woman has come forth alleging to have a child by the NBA star. While little information is known about her, it appears actor and comedian TK Kirkland is familiar with the former exotic dancer. He sat down with VladTV to spill some tea on the woman.

“I know the girl”, he told Vlad excitedly. “I met her in the bronx maybe 6 months to a year before she met him. She was at the strip club.” He went on to say the woman was “drop dead gorgeous” and that he “salutes” her for getting knocked up by a famous baller. “If you going to let a n**** c** in you, might as well be Carmelo” he said between chuckles.

The Neighborhood Talk reported her response, blurring out her IG for reasons unknown. In a lengthy post she responded to TK, stating that she never met him and that she has not been a stripper since 2013. She encouraged her followers to not believe everything they read on social media.

She went on to say that she had already been chewed out by the blogs and had no desire to address her and Carmelo’s relationship, but felt the need to speak on reports that she had extorted money from Melo and Lala’s 14-year-old son.

The unidentified woman pointed out that if these reports were true, Lala and Melo would have sought legal action against her already, meaning these are just rumors.

Do you believe Carmelo Anthony’s alleged mistress attempted to extort his teenage son?

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