Monday, November 29, 2021

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Offset Hands Trending After Fans Notice Rapper Baby Hands

Migos rapper Offset has been an easy target for social media trolling.  His on-again, off-again marriage to his wife Cardi B keeps him in the headlines.  His music, whether solo, with the group, or as a feature, remains in heavy rotation.  His antics and the rumors that circulate surrounding his infidelity feed the online trolls.  

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Social media took aim at the “Father Of Four” rapper (and in real life) when it was announced over the summer that the “WAP” rapper decided to put an end to their marriage and file for divorce.  Amid reports of the divorce, Offset took to Instagram, perhaps to escape reality and search for a release, posted a photo of himself with a caption expressing that he missed his late grandmother.

One thing that can be learned from social media is that many users are far from sympathetic and will take any moment to kick you while your down. Instead of providing kind or encouraging words, many took the low road as the rapper became inundated with unsolicited comments pertaining to his then impending divorce.  

Almost setting it off, one user wrote “Just here for the divorce comments,” underneath the rapper’s vulnerable post, and another chimed in “now you about to miss your wife,” and “NO MORE WAP FOR U.”  The commentary on this and other posts have led him to disable the comment section on his Instagram often.  

During one of this year’s biggest stories, the Jada Pinkett-Smith/August Alsina “Entanglement”, Offset chose to defend Jada’s husband Will Smith when he became a victim of trolling, seeing as though he himself has been a constant victim.  Probably the biggest troll of them all, 50 Cent, also joined in the fun at the “Gemini Man” star’s expense by producing a constant stream of memes on to his Instagram.  Seemingly fed up with the jokes and insults, Offset chose to remind everyone in his Instagram stories, just who Will Smith is.  “Everybody on Will Smith not knowing he can hit all ya’ll h–s [No Cap],” he joked, before asking his fans not to “shoot the messenger.”

Although the intention was good, fans took to trolling him once again with insults on his marriage as their ammunition.  “Offset need to pipe down like his Wife ain’t already ran through,” mentioned one user.  “I know he not talking. the mother of yo kids belong to da streets, on crip n—a,” went another.

The rapper could sincerely just go about minding his business, and fans will find something to taunt him with.  One such incident was when the Atlanta native uploaded a photo of himself, draped in diamonds surrounding his neck and fingers, with a gloved fist raised.  He captioned the photo  “IM BLACK AND IM PROUD. Rip JAMES BROWN.”

His look and flex weren’t enough to shield trolls and fans alike, who noticed the size of his hand in the photo, as it looked almost infant-like.  Fans were quick to comment on his hand under the photo, with some also asking whose hand it was. “Bro your hand look small ASF,” one user commented.  Another user compared his hands to the President’s.  ”He got them Donald Trump hands,” someone else noted.

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