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“It’s Over For Him”: Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Security Money Has Ran Out, Rapper No Longer Has Money To Pay For Security, According To Ex-Manager Shotta

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s former manger Kifano “Shotti” Jordan spoke with Akademiks about his relationship with the rapper and 6ix9ine’s potential money problems.

Tekashi 6ix9ine flaunts a good game for social media, but according to Shotti, the “Fefe” rapper is actually broke. “He don’t got no money to pay security. That money ran out, man. It’s over for him. That’s just that.”

Shotti opened about about his relationship with 6ix9ine, and how he was able to walk away from their work a millionaire while 6ix9ine “hides”. “There are people that handle money and you know this.” he told Akademik. “He had his business manager, I had my accountant, and my girl from booking. They all handled the funds.”

He went on to say “I’m a millionaire and he was mad. He’s not the only artist I worked with. I came in jail a millionaire, I’m going to go home a millionaire, probably with more money I came in with. It’s just that simple.”

He also addressed storied that he stole money from 6ix9ine. Before going to trial 6ix9ine did an interview with The Breakfast Club where he said he was offered over 2.5 million for a tour but only received $300k. He claims Shotti pocketed the rest.

“There was never any need for me to steal anything from him. If I took money, I would’ve said ‘yeah, I took the money.”

If 6ix9ine is in fact broke, he’s determined to not look like it. The rapper went viral a couple weeks back for counting millions of dollar on social media.

It took me 23 minutes to count 1,000,000,” he captioned the since removed video. Fans expressed concern for the star, worried about him traveling with such a large sum of money. Just weeks before that, another rapper put a hit out on him offering money for someone to “handle” 6ix9ine during a tour stop in North Carolina.

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