Monday, November 29, 2021

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Nick Cannon Claims Doja Cat Is Trying To Avoid Getting Pregnant By Him After Wearing Face Mask During Zoom Interview

Rapper/Singer Doja is on fire right now. The “Kiss Me More” hitmaker just released her third studio album to much fan fare, and is doing the promo rounds now in support of it. She recently sat down with Power 106 Los Angeles with Nick Cannon to discuss everything but her new album Planet Her. The cringy interview seemed to not sit with with Doja, who took to social media shortly afterwards with an apparent diss towards the television hosting veteran, who made a pretty awkward comment during their discussion.

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Doja famously took off accidentally after a song she made as a joke went viral. “Moooo!” helped capture the world’s attention and Doja soon was able to follow-up with massive single “Say So”. In the time since she’s become a go to for fun pop/hip-hop music, crazy outfits and over the top performances.

During her recent sit down with Cannon the discuss their numerous cancellations. Cannon seemingly wanted to do most of the talking however, and after cutting Doja Cat off a few times to talk about himself, seemed to lose her attention and she began to look off screen and play with her cat. The interview ended with little to no talk about her new music, something Doja seemed to hint at with a tweet following the interview. “If you’re gonna interview musicians try to ask them about their music.”

Cannon, who has dominated headlines in recent weeks with his ever expanding family did make sure to plug his army of offspring during their conversation. Doja, who was wearing a mask due to some recent dental work, appeared via zoom. Cannon initially made a joke about social distancing via zoom before joking that maybe Doja had the mask on to avoid getting pregnant by him – which would make her his fourth baby mama in a year – and eighth baby in total. A clearly confused Doja responded “I’m not sure that’s how babies work”.

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