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Tyra Banks Confuses Fans After Appearing In Hot Tub Wearing A Full Maxi-Dress

Tyra Banks is known for creating and recreating some magical and historical looks. Her name alone carries weight as she’s made monumental strides in not only the modeling world but across many major platforms in Hollywood. There are not many things that the supermodel has done. From hit television shows which included her own daytime talk show and America’s Next Top Model to acting in major film roles, to her own music video, and even her own theme park in Santa Monica, Tyra has done it all and then some. Most recently, she has resurfaced to conduct a major interview, and Banks’s gone viral for making a very eccentric choice in clothing, ESPECIALLY because of the venue!

At a young age, Tyra Banks began the road to what would become a legendary modeling and Hollywood career. Soon enough, she would become known as one of the world’s first African-American supermodels. Then in 1996, Banks’s star rose even higher and shone that much brighter when she was revealed to be the first African-American woman on Sport Illustrated’s monumental “Swimsuit Issue”.

Tyra had a chance to reflect on this pivotal moment years later in 2019 in an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, acknowleding that the “powerful platform” changed her life overnight. “I am obsessed with firsts,” said Tyra to ET. “I was obsessed with it for myself, and now I am obsessed with firsts for everyone.” Banks also shared that the placement on the cover inspired her to now produce moments like that for other people. “I feel like my mission in life is to open doors for other people, and to get them in places that they probably couldn’t get to on their own.”

Tyra also accepted that over the years her body has changed, and yet, has not allowed her to slow her down. In 2019, she was invited to recreate the iconic cover; a moment that gladly took her out of retirement. “I don’t know what happened,” she said to ET about her body and choice to return to modeling at her age, “and I don’t think it was just, ‘I’m losing control!’ I think it was, let me just celebrate what I am now and just be real, because I’m constantly telling people, beauty in all sizes, beauty at all ages. But here I am trying to look like my old self? So, I think subconsciously it was kinda like, ‘Nah. Let’s show ’em what’s up now.'”

Two years after she stunned the world once again on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she’s back again, but this time to Interview another celebrity who recently graced the cover. Speaking of firsts, Tyra’s obsession was able to be fulfilled once again by being a part of Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion‘s historical moment, as she is now the first female rapper to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

As a part of her experience, Megan was given the opportunity to interview with Banks for the cover story, and the setting of choice was pretty interesting. The two sat in a hot-tub as Banks asked Thee Stallion about different topics stemming from her career to body image and positivity. While the opportunity is undoubtedly amazing, fans swiftly noticed the difference in apparel.

You see, while Megan was clad in a multi-colored swimsuit, the supermodel could be seen in what looks like a maxi-dress or gown. Banks soon went viral, becoming the butt of many social media user’s jokes.

“Tyra Banks interviews Megan Thee Stallion in a hot tub — because! Of course! PLEASE tell me Tyra is wearing a full-on dress,” wrote a social media user. Another commented, “Why is Tyra dress like she finna be baptized?”

“This is so Tyra Banks of her to wear a full maxi-dress in a hot tub she is so chaotic,” another wrote. Banks, however, is no stranger to criticism from social media users, and has mentioned in the past that she is used to it. As a matter of fact, she’s ready for it.

Check out more reactions from social media below!


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