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Will The Real “KD” Please Stand Up? Kevin Durant and Kash Doll Debate On Who Owns The Initials ‘KD’

Will the real “KD” please stand up?  Rapper Kash Doll and Brooklyn Nets small forward/power forward Kevin Durant got into an online spat over the weekend over, of all things, who is the real owner of the “KD” appellation.

Throughout Kevin Durant’s professional basketball career, he’s gained a few nicknames that fans have fondly placed on him.  During his run with the Oklahoma Thunder, Durant had begun to hear himself being referred to as “Durantula”, which would bring him unfortunate legal trouble.  Even though Durant expressed that he does not like the nickname, an 80’s rock guitarist claimed that he was the originator of the moniker.  According to TMZ, both parties reached a private settlement and agreed to pay their own legal fees.

Another nickname Durant received was the “Slim Reaper”, which he also expressed that he disliked.  In 2014, Durant interviewed with Grantland Channel’s Bill Simmons and shared that he would prefer to be called “The Servant” saying, “I like to serve everybody. My teammates. Ushers at the game. The fans.”  That name, however, didn’t stick with fans as well.

The one name that has stuck by him consistently happens to be his actual initials, “KD”.  But Detroit rapper Kash Doll, real name Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, feels as though she’s entitled to share the same nickname.  Inspired by JT of the City Girls’ lyric in the Moneybagg Yo “Said Sum (remix)” where she raps “All these [dudes] wanna [expletive] JT,” she plays on the words and swaps out “JT” for “KD”. 

Durant, who apparently did not want those who came across the “Kitten” rapper’s tweet came forward with a message for her.  “You did not have to use those initials to get this tweet off,” The Hall-of-Famer tweeted in response.  “U have to relax with the KD talk, your name is KASHDOLL.”

Not one to miss the opportunity to go back and forth, Kash Doll responded to Durant telling him that she was “the real KD…. your name Kevin Durant act accordingly,” followed by a heart emoji.  However, just to make it clear to fans who may have been wondering that the two had been serious the rapper tweeted out “We argue about this all the time.”

Fans on social media had a field day with the playful spat.  Most seemed to side with Durant as they began to tell Kash Doll that to their recollection, nobody has referred to her by her initials.  “Arkeisha Antoinette Knight you are NOT the real KD,” tweeted a fan in response to Kash Doll.  Others shared hilarious memes in reference to their “argument”. 

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